Cross Roller Bearing Assembly – As important as production processes


Cross roller bearing assembly is the last procedure of crossed roller bearings production. However, it's no less important than other processes. Final product rotation accuracy and clearance are directly affected by the crossed roller bearings assembly process. Therefore, most workers on the assembly line are skilled employees.

The production procedure of cross roller bearing

The basic manufacturing process of crossed roller bearings including raw material forgings - machining - heat-treatment -grinding-cross roller bearing assembly - final inspection.
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Cross roller bearing assembly process

A crossed roller bearing is composed of one inner, one outer ring, cylindrical rollers, space retainers, and sealings. Before into assembly workshop, all components need to be inspected by the QC. Then qualified components will be grouped for different clearance or precision levels and assembled as per the flow below.

Demagnetization and cleaning of parts→fitting the bearing rings, rollers and separators→check clearance→final inspection→demagnetization, cleaning→rust prevention, packaging→into the finished product warehouse→Shipment

Different cross roller bearing structures have different assembling methods. For example, the below picture shows the assembling procedure of the crossed roller bearings with split outer rings. Rollers and separators are paced on the raceway first, then fix the outer ring with screws, bolts, or locking rings. However, if the cross roller bearings are compact structure(solid one-piece inner and outer ring), such as RU cross roller rings, rollers and space retainers need to be arranged on the raceway with special tools and by skilled workers.

cross roller bearing assembly