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The slewing bearing frequently asked questions page is a growing list containing most questions and answers about the slewing ring products and our service. If you can not find answers from the below faqs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What type of grease is used in a slewing bearing made by BRS?

Unless stated otherwise, BRS slewing ring bearings will be filled with Shell No.2 lithium-based grease or equivalent. We also provide low-temperature or high-temperature grease for the special working environment. If you're not sure which grease is suitable for your applications, check How to choose slewing bearing grease. A slewing bearing lubrication guide is also available upon request.

My old slewing bearing made by another manufacturer is broken, can I get an equivalent one from BRS Bearing?

Yes, we can produce slewing bearing models of most manufacturers, you can email us the part number for checking. If you do not have the model number, bearings basic dimensions (inner diameter, outer diameter, width) will be necessary. We can also reverse engineer any bearing but a sample will be needed. Check BRS customized slewing bearing.

I want to choose a slewing bearing for my new prototype, which bearing will work?

BRS professional engineers can help you every step of the way in selecting the most suitable for your application. BRS Bearing can also design a customized type slewing ring bearing for you, and we accept small qty orders. Check how to select slewing bearings? Learn about what should be noticed during slewing bearing selection.

slewing bearing frequently asked questions

What is the lead time for slewing ring bearings?

Generally, the standard production time of slewing bearing is 45 days. And the shipment takes 10~30 days based on different transportation. You may say this is too long! But you will understand it if you learn about the slewing bearing manufacturing process. However, for some hot selling items which we have semi-finished products, the lead time is 3-5 days.

My application needs an external gear slewing bearing working together with a pinion. Do you offer the matching pinions?

Yes, we can produce pinions based on drawings.

What should I do if I want to get the price of a slewing bearing?

Please email us( the detailed infomation of bearings, applications and your special requirements if any. Slewing bearing cost is calculated based on material, dimensions, and processing techniques.

  • If you have the part number (usually marked on the end face or outer/inner diameter of the slewing bearings), please send us the model and your application information.
  • If there is no model, please send us the main dimensions and bearing pictures for a quotation. The picture below shows how to measure a slewing ring bearing.
how to measure a slewing bearing
Major sizes required for measuring an internal gear slewing bearing

Do you provide the bearing drawing, cad step file, or 3D models?

We provide pdf or JPG version drawing for most slewing bearing models. CAD version is only available for customized products, 3D models are not available currently.

What is your warranty?

BRS offers one year warranty for all RIGBRS brand products. Increased warranties are available upon request, please contact us for details.