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Luoyang BRS Bearing Co.,Ltd established in 1989, with major brand "BRSZC".
Our company name "BRS" stands for "Bearings", which means we only focus on bearings. It's simple but not easy, we aim to do one thing at a time, and do it well.

In the first place BRS is a small workshop specialized in non-standard bearing and rolling elements processing. With the help of professionals from the Soviet Union, BRS began to produce special bearings for equipments in mining and metal processing during 2005~2010, then slewing bearings for domestic market. Since the year 2012, BRS Bearing mainly focused on high precision & rigidity bearings for industrial robotics.

"RIGBRS" is a brand of BRS bearing, it stands for "Rigidity Bearing for Robots". Major products including high precision crossed roller bearings for industrial robots, medical equipments, measuring instruments, machine tools, etc.

The fully integrated production facilities enable us to have comprehensive control over our products and to effectively regulate the delivery period to meet customer needs. The flexibility of production allows us to accept small orders and customized requirements.

From design stage to shipment, BRS Bearing has a dedicated service team to help customers throughout the process. Our nationally certified engineers can provide technical support to end users and distribution networks, compensable service such as on-site troubleshooting and installation services are also available. BRS not only supply bearings, but also a complete solution based on each customer's needs."

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