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If you google "crossed roller bearing wiki", you will find that this word hasn't been created by Wikipedia. Don't worry, this article will introduce you to all the info. you need to know about crossed roller bearings.

Crossed roller bearing wiki - invention and patents

Do you know who invented the crossed roller bearing? Since this product is very popular currently and manufacturers from different countries have applied for a patent. So it's difficult to say which company is the first one. Below is the patent info. searched from google, which showed the estimated appearance time of crossed roller bearings.

crossed roller ring patents FAG

FAG Kugelfischer AG should be the first company to introduce the idea of crossed roller bearing. But in the introduction of the patent, we can find that the cross roller ring bearing type is with a specialized cage to keep the rollers. Now, this type is not very popular because the design has been improved.

cross-roller bearing patents THK

TOHO SEIKO Co., Ltd, and THK Co., Ltd published a new design of cross roller bearing shortly after FAG. The retaining spacer is used to keep the rollers(as the picture below). Compared with the conventional steel cage type, the spacer retainer allows each roller has a longer contact length with the raceway. So that the bearings loading capacity can be improved accordingly. Besides, the cage is in point-contact with the rollers, while spacers are in line-contact with rollers. Such line-contact can keep rollers always in their proper position, thereby prevent them from skewing.

crossed roller bearing cage
cross roller ring bearing patents CN

China published crossed roller bearings design and production standards in 2014. Now the production technique has been quite mature, and some manufacturers also developed new designs.

What is a crossed roller bearing?

A crossed roller bearing is composed of an inner ring, an outer ring, multiple cylindrical rollers & separators, and sealings. There is a 90° V processed as the raceway on the inner and outer ring. The rollers are arranged with their perpendicular axes to one another and separated from each other by a spacer retainer.

cross roller bearing components

Crossed roller bearings advantages

1. Handle complex loads simultaneously from any direction, which means one single crossed roller bearing can replace two common rear-mounted 45° contact angle roller bearings or single row ball bearings. So as to reduce the mounting space and simplify the design.

crossed roller bearing load direction

2. Because of the line contact structure, the bearing's rigidity is greatly improved compared to ball type bearings.
3. Spacer retainers can secure the position of the rollers and make sure there is no displacement or locking of rollers, so as to provide a stable rotation torque.
4. Preload type cross roller ring can provide high stiffness and highly accurate rotation.

Cross roller bearing catalog


Face-mount crossed roller bearing - RU cross roller ring/CRBF crossed roller bearing
Inner ring rotation type - RB cross roller ring/CRB crossed roller bearing
Outer ring rotation type - RE cross roller ring
Slim type thin section crossed roller bearing - RA cross roller ring/CRBS/CRBT super slim cross roller ring
Inner ring and outer ring rotation type - CRBH cross roller bearing

crossed roller bearing wiki

Crossed roller bearing manufacturers

The world's famous cross roller bearing manufacturer including THK, IKO, INA, SKF, etc, but the price is relatively high, and lead time may be very long. BRS can produce equivalent models with lower cost, and we can do customized types with low MOQ. Please contact BRS if you have any problems or requests.

Crossed roller bearing wiki - Applications

Cross roller rings are widely used in the rotating parts of industrial robots, machine tools, precision turntables, manipulators, medical equipment, etc., which require compactness, high rigidity, and high rotational accuracy.