CRBH Type Crossed Roller Bearing – CRBH7013AUU Ready for Shipment


CRBH type crossed roller bearing refers to crossed roller slew bearing with integrated inner and outer ring. Compared with CRB type cross roller ring bearings, CRBH crossed roller rings are suited for both inner and outer ring rotation. Compared with CRBF type crossed roller bearings, CRBH type crossed roller bearing needs mounting plate during installation. But it has thinner cross-section. So CRBH crossed roller ring suited for limited space and applications which requires high rotation accuracy of both inner and outer ring.

CRBH Type Crossed Roller Bearing CRBH7013AUU Ready

Recently BRS just finished production of a batch of CRBH7013 AUU crossed roller bearings with P5 precision. The standard rotation accuracy requirements for P5 grade is run-out 0.006mm for the inner ring and 0.01mm for the outer ring. BRS CRBH7013 crossed roller rings rotation accuracy can reach to 0.002~0.003mm (max).

crbh type crossed roller bearing
Thin section high stiffness crossed roller bearings CRBH7013

BRS select framework oil seals for small size crossed roller bearings, because of its better sealing effect. The springs in the oil seal will make sealings have a closer contact with bearing rings, and less affected by the temperature of the working environment.

All rolling elements in CRBH crossed roller bearings are high precision cylindrical rollers. Besides, BRS has unique raceway processing technique to ensure bearings have a superb rotation accuracy. This is very important for device's positioning accuracy.

Most crossed roller bearings are for high precision machiney, so bearings need to be clean and have high reliability. CRBH crossed roller ring bearings assembling and packaging are in constant temperature dustless workshop. Bearings can be put into use as soon as delivered.