RV Reducer Crankshaft Bearing 33001-9.4 Delivery – May 11th 2020


RV reducer crankshaft bearing is high precision tapered roller bearings specially designed for RV/RV-E series reducers. It has the feature of high precision and low noise. Besides, BRS also produce custom design with special material or processing technique, in order to meet customers different requirements. The size range of RV reducer tapered roller bearings is 9.4mm ~ 30mm for inner dia., and 24mm ~ 65mm for outer dia.

33001-9.4 RV reducer crankshaft bearing delivery

BRS sent out a batch of 33001-9.4 tapered roller bearings to US market last week. The size of 33001-9.4 bearing is 9.4*24*13mm, with P5 V2 grade.

rv reducer crankshaft bearing

RV reducer tapered roller bearings belong to precision bearing products, its precision and quality can directly affect reducers performance and service life. Recently we found that there are some poor quality tapered roller bearings on the market, which are sold as RV reducer bearings. BRS remind customers to pay attention to the quality during purchasing. The material and processing technique will have great influence on bearings quality.

Characteristics of bearing steel for BRS RV reducer tapered roller bearings

* High contact fatigue strength, to ensure bearings service life.
* Good wear resistance to maintain the bearing accuracy and stability, and extend the service life. 
* Up to standard hardness ensuring bearings to achieve high contact fatigue strength and wear resistance. 
* During processing, bearing parts will go through cold and hot working, so bearing steel should have good processability.