What are YRT Axial/Radial Bearings?


Axial/radial bearings YRT and YRTS series have an axial and a radial component. The axial component including two sets of axial needle/cylindrical roller and cage assembly, an outer ring, L-section ring, and shaft locating washer. The radial component is a full complement cylindrical roller set in YRT and a cage-guided cylindrical roller set in YRTS. The shaft locating washer and L-section ring have equally spaced fixing holes, easy to install, and remove. BRS YRT and YRTS axial/radial bearings are preloaded before delivery, so users do not need to adjust the clearance.

YRT YRTS axial radial bearings

Sealing and Lubrication

YRT axial/radial bearings are without seals, can be lubricated via the oil holes on the outer ring and L-section ring. The operating temperature range is -30℃ to +120℃.

YRT Axial/Radial Bearings Feature

YRT rotary table bearings look like slewing bearing, but its precision is much higher than slewing ring bearings. BRS YRT axial/radial bearing products rotation accuracy can reach to 1.5μm. Besides, they can support radial forces, axial forces from both directions, and tilting moments free from clearance. These bearings are very rigid, have high loading capacity, and running accuracy. Meanwhile, YRT and YRTS bearings are ready-to-fit, also easy to arrange maintenance.

YRT and YRTS bearing have same moutning dimensions, but different internal structure. Users shall select according to specific working conditions.

YRT axial radial bearings

YRT axial radial bearings are mainly for low speeds and small operating durations, such as indexing tables and swivel-type milling heads.

YRTS axial radial bearing

If it's for high-speed applications such as direct drive axes, or torque motors, the YRTS series is the most suitable. Because of its special internal structure, YRTS bearing produces low and uniform frictional torque during rotation and can reach very high limiting speeds.

More Applications

YRT bearings are high precision axial and radial bearings for combined loads, and also have higher requirements for the matching components. They are widely applied in high precision CNC turntables, indexing heads, military radars, aerospace, and high precision areas such as measurement and testing instruments.

For more info. regarding the datasheet and mounting method of YRT axial/radial bearings, please check:

YRT Axial Radial Bearing