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    Open type:CRBF8022A

    With seal:CRBF8022AUU

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  • CRBF8022A crossed roller bearing specifications:

    Type of guide Roller
    Space retainer Yes
    Material GCr15
    Standard lubrication method Grease lubrication
    Oil hole Yes
    Sealing UU- framework oil seals both sides
    Surface treatment Black oxide treated, phosphate treatment, other
    Radial clearance T1/C1/C2
    Rotation accuracy P5/P4/P2
    Working temperature -15℃ ~ 80℃

    CRBF crossed roller bearing catalog


    CRBF8022AUU crossed roller bearing features:

    1. The inner/outer ring is a solid one-piece structure, so bearings can provide high stiffness.
    2. One single bearing can sustain radial, axial, and moment loads at the same time.
    3. High rigidity & rotation accuracy. The compact structure of the CRBF series reduces the influence of the installation.
    4.Miniaturization. The inner ring and outer ring with mounting holes, so it can be easily mounted to a device with bolts without need for housing and fixing plate, so surrounding parts of the bearing can be made compact, which contributes to miniaturization and a weight saving of devices.


    CRBF8022 face mount crossed roller bearing rotation accuracy test (USP Grade)

  • CRBF8022AUU bearing installation instructions


    CRBF8022A crossed roller bearing mounting


    CRBF8022AUU Bearing Mounting Dimensions

    da: 107mm

    Da: 137mm

    PCD1: 97mm

    PCD2: 148mm

    Inner ring mounting hole 10-φ5.5 drilled through, φ9.5 counterbore depth 5.4

    Outer ring mounting hole 10-φ5.5 drilled through, φ9.5 counterbore depth 5.4


    Cautions: For crossed roller bearings with split outer ring, when the rigidity of the mounting parts is not sufficient, stress concentration will occur at the contact area between the rollers and raceways, and the bearing performance will deteriorate significantly.

    Therefore, it is necessary to carefully examine the rigidity of housing and the strength of fixing bolts when a large moment will be applied.

    1. Before installation, please clean bearing bracket, shaft, or other components, make sure there is no burrs or rough edge.
    2.Fix the inner and outer rings in the axial direction directly to the mounting surface by fixing bolts
    3. If a large number of radial load and/or moment is applied, it is recommended to prepare the flange part as Fig.4.


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