Public Works


Slewing bearings are widely applied in machines for public works. Usually, the slewing rings for public works need to be very robust. During operation, they need to provide stable rotation while undertaking heavy loads and be resistant to impact load. Easy to disassemble or install is also an important factor.

slewing bearings for public works

Slewing bearings for public works - excavators

slewing bearings for public works machine excavators

Singe row crossed roller slewing bearing has the feature of compact structure, high stiffness, and high rotation precision. It can take axial, radial loads, as well as moment loads at the same time. So most excavators will choose this structure, such as RKS crossed roller slewing bearing.

Slewing bearing for bucket wheel excavators

slewing bearing for bucket-wheel-excavator

The three-row roller slewing bearing can bear various loads at the same time and it has the largest loading capacity among all slewing ring types. Its shaft and radial dimensions are large, and the structure is firm. It is especially suitable for heavy machinery requiring larger diameters, such as bucket wheel excavators, ladle turrets, etc.

Besides the above two types of slewing rings, there are many other types including customized slewing bearing for public works. Such as four-point contact ball slewing bearing, double-row four-point contact ball bearings, etc.

slewing bearings for backhoe loaders