Crossed Roller Bearing Traduccion – How to Say Cross Roller Ring in Your Country?


Crossed roller bearing traduccion refers to the translation of crossed roller bearing. In English, crossed roller bearing is also called crossed cylindrical roller bearing, crossed roller ring, and cross roller bearing. You will find this name very vivid after you've seen the internal structure of the cross roller ring. Cylindrical rollers are arranged crosswise on the raceway, with each roller perpendicular to the adjacent one, and separated from each other by a spacer retainer.

crossed roller bearing traduccion

What is the crossed roller bearing traduccion in different languages?

EnglishCrossed roller bearing
SpainishRodamientos de rodillos cruzados
ItalianCuscinetti a rulli incrociati
FrenchRoulements à rouleaux croisés
Korean크로스 롤러 베어링

We know that rolling bearings can be divided into ball bearings and roller bearings. Users who are not familiar with crossed roller bearings may find that this bearing is not the same as the roller bearing in imagination. Because it looks more like a slewing bearing, and the rolling elements can not be seen from the outside.

crossed roller bearing BRS bearing RIGBRS

So why the rollers are arranged crossed at right angles to each other on the bearing raceway? This design is to enable crossed roller bearing to support axial, radial loads, and moment loads at the same time. Besides, since rollers are in line contact with the raceway, cross roller bearings have a higher loading capacity than ball bearings.

In addition, traditional bearings use cages to keep rolling elements, while crossed roller bearings adopt spacer retainers to separate rollers. This will keep rollers always in their proper position, and eliminates friction between rollers, thereby preventing bearing stuck and secures a stable rotation torque.