Crossed Roller Bearing Clearance Adjustment During Assembling


The crossed roller bearing clearance adjustment can be understood as the pre-assembly of the cross roller bearing. It is the process of matching and assembling the pre-processed bearing rings, rolling elements, and spacer retainers to achieve the design clearance and starting torque. This process is mainly divided into three steps.

1. Crossed roller bearing clearance adjustment

Before the final grinding of the bearing is completed, the inner and outer rings of the bearing need to be matched. This is to prepare for the cross roller bearing assembly and to reduce the workload of assembly workers. During the final grinding of the bearing, the grinder records the bearing raceway size. Then calculate the size of the clearance according to the rolling elements' size. The bearing rings which can reach or close to the designed clearance will be marked, and the record can be consulted by the assembly workers.

crossed roller bearing clearance adjustment

2. Trial assembly

After the bearing ring has been ground and entered the assembly workshop, the assembly worker selects the rollers for trial installation according to the original grinding dimensions in the constant temperature workshop. After the bolts are pre-tightened, the actual clearance is measured with an instrument. If the clearance is suitable, bearing components will enter the next process. Otherwise, workers need to replace rollers size or adjust the bearing rings.

3. Inspection after assembly

Crossed roller bearings with appropriate clearance will be tested by inspectors. Inspection items including dimension, rotation runout value, starting torque, and appearance. After all the indicators are qualified, the bearing is added with the proper amount of grease then equipped with oil seals.

Crossed roller bearings are widely used in high-precision industrial robot arms and precision machine tools. This type of equipment has high requirements for bearing accuracy. So in the process of producing such bearings, in addition to the dimensional accuracy of the parts, the bearing assembly is also very important. With good dimensional accuracy and skillful assembly, the bearing can achieve qualified rotation accuracy.