How to Extend Crossed Roller Bearings Service Life?


How to increase crossed roller bearings service life? Improving the wear resistance of bearings is a very effective way, because most bearing failures are caused by bearing fatigue. Below are some tips summarized by BRS about improving the wear resistance and service life of crossed roller bearings.

crossed roller bearings service life

Improve the surface hardness of crossed roller bearing

Surface hardening and carburizing quenching are used to increase the hardness of bearing surface. Generally, the crossed roller bearing hardness is HRB 58 ~ 62, if the user has special requirements, please contact us.

Reduce bearing friction factor to increase crossed roller bearings service life

For example, surface phosphating, sulfurizing, nitrocarburizing, silver plating on the surface, surface coating and ion implantation can all improve the friction conditions, reduce the friction factor and thus improve the wear resistance of crossed roller bearings.

Choose good quality bearings

Good quality crossed roller bearings have better wear resistance. The quality of crossed roller bearings depends on two aspects. On the one hand, the raw materials must be qualified. BRS only uses high-quality bearing steel GCr15 as the raw materials for crossed roller bearings. The raw material suppliers are reviewed and selected every year, and our materials all meet RoHS requirements. On the other hand, it depends on the manufacturing process. BRS has a strict quality management system. Each process is strictly in accordance with the production process. Each set of bearings has a tracking number, which minimizes the possibility of bearing problems.

Good maintenance contribute to extend crossed roller bearings service life

A good maintenance method is important to improve the wear resistance of bearings, so how to maintain cross roller bearings correctly?

-Daily Inspections- regular inspections of bearings and equipment are necessary. Check whether the accessories of each part are normal, whether there is damage, sometimes the damage of other parts may also affect the use of crossed roller bearings.

-Well Lubricated- the bearings on a regular basis, so as to ensure that the bearings are always in normal working condition and reduce the possibility of wear and injury. link

-Stored Properly-Cross-roller bearings should be stored correctly and rust-proofed when not in use.