Slewing bearings are widely used in medical devices such as gamma knives, CT machines, nuclear magnetic resonance machines,etc. Medical slewing rings are characterized by a high rotating speed, constant rotating torque and low noise under rotation. Besides, sealing effect is also very important since leakage is not allowable in a clean environment.

Most medical machines will choose thin section and light weight non-standard slewing bearings. Sometime slewing rings are required to do anti-rust treatment (such as high-temperature phosphate treatment) to prevent oxidation.

Usually the slewing bearings for medical devices do not have to be with high loading capacity, BRS will help customer select the most suitable and cost-effective one designed according to the detailed technical parameters provided. However, the requirements on slewing rings' running accuracy is very high, including the radial clearance of the shaft, and the surface precision. The medical device belongs to high-precision product, so the related accessories need to be precise too.slewing bearings for medical devices