Wind Turbine


wind turbine slewing bearing

Slewing bearings and slewing rings are majorly involved in conserving renewable energy by using resources such as solar panels, tidal and wind turbines.

Wind turbine systems generate power without releasing CO2 emissions, which is one reason why they are playing an increasingly important role in the energy mix.

Wind turbine slewing bearings mainly include yaw bearings and blade bearings(pitch bearings).

The yaw bearing is used primarily for positional adjustment, keeping the nacelle properly oriented in the wind. Single and double row four point contact ball bearings are ideally suited for these applications.

Rotor blade pitch must be adjustable to produce maximum output from the generator. Pitch bearings in particular have to withstand the continuous load changes resulting from pulsating loads. Single and double-row four point contact ball bearing and three-row roller bearings are ideally suited for these applications.