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    Open type:SHF40-XRB

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  • SHF-40 harmonic reducer bearing specifications:

    Type of guide Roller
    Space retainer Yes
    Material GCr15
    Standard lubrication method Grease lubrication
    Oil hole No
    Sealing Framework oil seal at one side
    Axial clearance -0.01 ~ 0
    Radial clearance -0.01 ~ 0
    Rotation accuracy P5
    Working temperature -20℃ ~ 80℃

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    SHF40-XRB crossed roller bearing features:

    1. Integrated inner ring and outer ring.

    2. Sustain radial, axial and moment loads at the same time.

    3. High stiffness, high rotation accuracy and high loading capacity.

    4. Ultra-thin and light weight, easy installation.




    1. What’s the rotation precision of SHF40-XRB crossed roller bearings?
    The standard running accuracy of SHF-40 output bearings is P5, which can meet the requirements of most applications. BRS can also supply higher precision level, please contact us with your detailed requirements.


    2. What is the MOQ of SHF-40 gearbox output bearings?
    There is no MOQ for bearing models in stock, and low MOQ for custom design. Please contact us for details.


    3. How to lubricate crossed roller bearings?
    Unless otherwise stated, all BRS made crossed roller bearings are filled with proper amount of complex lithium grease before delivery. So users can directly put bearings into application after receiving goods. Then after 1~6 months operation, bearings should be added with proper grease based on working conditions.

  • SHF-40 harmonic reducer bearing installation instructions:

    SHF-40 harmonic reducer bearing installation


    1. Before installation, please clean bearing bracket, shaft, or other components,

    make sure there is no burrs or rough edge.


    2. Install the screws to connect crossed roller bearings with circular spline,

    then install the screws to connect bearings with flex spline.


    3. Install the wave generator and related components.


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